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What is a laser displacement sensor? The working principle of laser displacement sensor


Laser displacement sensor is a type of sensor that uses laser for high-precision displacement (distance) measurement. Compared with traditional measurement methods, laser displacement sensors have been widely used in industry due to their advantages of high accuracy, non-contact, and fast measurement.

Laser displacement sensors can accurately measure the position, displacement, and other information of the measured object, with an accuracy of micrometers or even nanometers. They are mainly used to measure geometric quantities such as displacement, thickness, vibration, distance, and diameter of objects.

The laser emitter shoots the laser at the surface of the measured object through the lens, and the laser reflected by the object passes through the receiver lens and is received by the internal imaging element. The projection positions of light spots at different distances on the imaging element are different. Based on the imaging position and optical projection relationship, the distance of the measured object can be obtained. The imaging element has extremely high position resolution ability, which can achieve extremely high measurement accuracy.

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