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How to choose a suitable laser rangefinder for oneself?


A rangefinder is a tool for measuring length or distance, and can be combined with angle measuring equipment or modules to measure parameters such as angle and area. According to the different functions and types, the price of electronic rangefinders ranges from 500 yuan to 5000 yuan, and can be purchased according to your own needs. Choosing a rangefinder can be considered from three aspects: measurement range, measurement length, and usage scenario. The more functions needed, the higher the required accuracy, and the higher the price of the rangefinder.

Choosing a rangefinder requires consideration from three aspects: measurement range, measurement distance, and usage scenario.

1. Small measurement range

Distance measurement only needs to be carried out within a range of a few meters or a dozen meters, with low accuracy requirements. It is recommended to use an ultrasonic rangefinder. The measurement effect of ultrasonic rangefinder is greatly affected by the environment, and its stability and directionality are worse than those of laser rangefinder, but the price is relatively cheap! Suitable for indoor measurement.

2. The measurement distance is not long

The measurement distance is not long, the ambient light is not complex, and the accuracy is required to reach the millimeter level. A phase laser rangefinder can be selected. The phase laser rangefinder is most suitable for indoor use, with a measurement accuracy of less than 2 millimeters. If users need to conduct detection in outdoor environments, due to the influence of ambient light, professional laser sights and reflectors need to be added and used in combination to achieve the expected measurement range and effect.

3. The measurement distance is relatively long and is mostly used for outdoor use

Choose a telescope type laser rangefinder, also known as a laser rangefinder telescope. The characteristic is that it is both a telescope and a rangefinder! Multiple magnification for observation, users only need to use the cross aiming system inside the eyepiece to easily aim at the target for distance measurement! By using transparent infrared laser emission and reception that is harmless to the eyes, the target distance can be accurately measured. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry!

4. Measurement of long-distance and outdoor measurements

It is recommended to purchase a rangefinder with a built-in telescope, so that you can see more clearly under strong light and make precise measurements easier.

JIOPTICS laser rangefinder module has the advantages of high quality, great performance, small size, low power consumption, etc. Its professional knowledge and cutting-edge technology provide you with solutions for different measuring distances from 1km-300km.

In the past 10 years, we have provided reliable range finder solutions for different types of companies, which are widely used in the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery, aircraft, ships, thermal imaging and other systems. Strong scientific research capabilities provide OEM/ODM customization services for you. If you need customization, we will be your reliable partner.

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