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How do laser ranging sensors achieve the best measurement results?


Let's discuss how laser distance sensors can achieve the best measurement results in your project. After understanding what conditions can help with better measurement, we believe this is helpful for your ranging project.

First, let's talk about measuring targets. Bright and well reflective targets, such as reflectors with a reflectivity of 70%, are suitable for measurement.

Secondly, there is no interference on the laser path, such as clean air, no heavy dust, and a low light environment can also help a lot!

Thirdly, the laser ranging module uses a laser to shoot vertically at the target, making the laser more concentrated and measuring more effective.

In addition, if the laser needs to pass through the glass when designing the housing, please select a glass with high transmittance, such as 95%~99%, and the recommended thickness of the glass is 1mm.

Of course, stable laser sensors and mature solutions are the most important.

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