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The Application of Laser Rangefinder in Forestry -- JIOPTICS


Data collection refers to the inventory of forestry resources, including tree height, height available for commercial use, vegetation mapping, positioning of wild special tree species, excellent tree species, determination of tree grade and economic value within the area, or the repair of branches during cultivation management research, determination of the location of trees at specific heights, drawing of cutting volume profiles, and topographic surveys used for bundling wood passages when considering bundling methods for harvesting wood The pre construction survey of roads and rugged roads for drawing and general purposes is very important. When using the conventional survey, aerial photos and GPS positioning available in the past, various problems may occur. So, what are the applications of laser rangefinders in forestry? Let's have a look!

The purpose of multifunctional laser rangefinder

(1) Distance measurement - can directly represent horizontal or inclined distance

(2) Azimuth - can directly display the magnetic or relative azimuth of the measured object.

(3) Tilt angle - can represent the tilt angle or percentage tilt.

(4) Target coordinate program - The function of the target program, which is called addressing or staking in measurement, is to input the coordinates (x, y, z) into the device at a known point, in conjunction with

Application of multifunctional laser rangefinder in forestry

(1) The advantages of application in forest land measurement are as follows

1. Easy to operate, the machine can automatically record data and transmit it using a computer, and no one will make an error.

2. The digital control board automatically displays, and no one will visually judge the error.

3. Save manpower and time.

(2) Combination of multifunctional laser rangefinder and GPS

At the beginning of introducing multifunctional laser rangefinders, our bureau mainly combined them with GPS. That is to say, GPS will cooperate with multifunctional laser rangefinders for measurement in areas with restricted terrain. Specific application:

1. Ban and investigate indiscriminate land cultivation

The application of GPS in forestry for land reclamation and resource management may be limited by terrain, but further research and testing are needed. In addition, it is also possible to collaborate with digital cameras to capture and archive violations, in order to provide evidence of crackdown.

2. Property inventory

If a multi-functional laser rangefinder and GPS are combined for careful inspection of concessions, it not only has fast speed but also high accuracy.

The above introduction is about the application of laser rangefinders in forestry. Multifunctional laser rangefinders have advantages over traditional compasses, such as high accuracy, no recording, no mapping, no rope pulling, no grass cutting, time-saving and labor-saving, computer processing, and mapping. After on-site testing and operation, they are far more than traditional instruments.

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