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How to maintain the laser distance sensor?


Whether you are a household worker, decoration designer, construction worker, real estate appraiser, DIY enthusiast, craftsman or other professionals, digital laser ranging sensor is a good helper and choice for measurement.

Do you know how to maintain your laser ranging module? This article will introduce some considerations to you.

1. The laser ranging module is a measuring equipment integrating optics, mechanics and electricity. The laser ranging module has good ranging accuracy. You should use it carefully. Do not crush or fall from a high place to avoid damage.

2. Regularly check the surface of the instrument measuring the length, and timely remove dust, dirt, grease, mold, etc.

3. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the eyepiece, objective or laser emission window. Do not touch hard objects or sharp objects to avoid damaging the optical function.

In the traditional measurement scenario, the address that cannot be close to the measurement has a security risk. However, the emergence of laser distance sensor has solved this problem. The laser ranging module uses a red laser spot, which allows you to clearly know where the measuring point is, and you can complete all the measurement work with only one person's operation. Even in some inaccessible places, you can get the measurement results without relying on other things (such as ladders, etc.). This can largely avoid accidents.