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Application of laser rangefinder


The accuracy of the laser rangefinder mainly depends on the accuracy of the instrument in calculating the laser sending and receiving time. According to the adopted technology and application occasions, laser rangefinders can be divided into conventional laser rangefinders (mainly used for outdoor sports, hunting, etc.) with an accuracy of about 1 meter, and high-precision laser rangefinders for surveying and mapping, land survey, construction, engineering applications, military and other fields.

Range finder outdoor

The phase method rangefinder is a kind of rangefinder that can modulate the laser phase and obtain the distance by measuring the phase difference of the reflected laser. Because the reflected laser phase needs to be detected, the received signal needs to have strong intensity. Considering the safety of human eyes, the telescopic systems such as pulse laser rangefinder cannot be used and the range is small.

Typical ranging range is 0.5mm to 150m. Generally speaking, the phase method laser rangefinder uses 635 nm (red for vision) laser as the debugging object, commonly known as infrared rangefinder. However, the definition of laser is not based on color. If 635 nm laser rangefinder is used to directly irradiate the human eye, it will cause irreversible damage. Please use and protect it correctly.

Because the propagation speed of ultrasonic in the air is greatly affected by temperature, humidity and air pressure, the measurement error is large. Because of the long wavelength and short propagation distance of ultrasonic wave, the measuring distance of ultrasonic distance meter is generally short and the measuring accuracy is low. However, the characteristics of ultrasonic transmission as a fan are greater than that of electro-optical distance measuring instrument, and are widely used in the fields of safety protection, cable height measurement, obstacle detection, etc.

Laser rangefinders have been widely used in power, water conservancy, communications, environment, architecture, geology, police, fire protection, blasting, navigation, aviation, railway, anti-terrorism/military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/outdoor sports and other fields.

Widely used

There is slope compensation, but there is no slope compensation switch button: it is only used for daily training, but it can measure the distance accurately whether it is horizontal plane, slope or slope. Although this range finder is only suitable for daily training, not all players are professional players. It is sufficient to use this range finder for daily improvement of technology and high frequency of use. Therefore, the price is also relatively cheap and moderate, because the demand is large, so the market is also more.

When purchasing a range finder, please remember that the price is not the key point, but the product itself. Clearly see the product functions, choose according to your usage habits and needs, and seek professional guidance if necessary.

1. If there is fog or haze in the air, it will hinder the return of light waves and affect the measurement distance. Therefore, the better the air quality, the better the measurement effect.

2. Impact of strong light on measurement. The rangefinder designed based on the principle of pulse laser must adopt 905 wavelength, which overlaps with 905 wave band in the sun. If the sun shines strongly, it will return light.