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100m Long Range Laser Ranging Sensor and Intelligent Logistics Application


With the rapid development of smart logistics and e-commerce, the warehousing and logistics industry is increasingly closely related to our way of life. The Internet of Things not only brings convenience to people, but also brings many new challenges to the logistics sector. With the widespread application of high-performance and low-cost distance measurement sensors, the breakthrough of existing technological bottlenecks in intelligent logistics is imminent, and laser ranging technology has also made great progress. With its advantages in measuring distance, speed, positioning, and monitoring with laser sensors, it has been widely applied in intelligent logistics.

The intelligent logistics system is equipped with a millimeter level precision laser ranging module, which can achieve rapid volume detection of packages. The volume measurement can be achieved immediately after the package is placed, which is conducive to sorting and freight calculation of packages.

In addition, the storage capacity of materials can be estimated by measuring the height of the material using a laser. The laser ranging sensor has the characteristics of small volume, non-contact, large range, and simple operation. It can measure in high-temperature and high-pressure, vacuum, and narrow bending environments, with a resolution of 1mm and an accuracy of<0.1%.

At the same time, the laser ranging module can assist AGV robots in autonomous avoidance of obstacles in the warehouse, and the stacker crane in autonomous positioning and picking up goods.

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