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How to choose a suitable laser ranging sensor?


Many people do not know how to describe their requirements when choosing laser ranging tools. Regarding this issue, you should consider the following three aspects:

1. Measurement range

2. Measurement accuracy

3. Application Scenarios

After understanding the above three elements, the seller will quickly know what you need.

Here are some situations you may encounter:

1、 Measurement of area/volume over medium and short distances (typically 0.03-60 meters)

In this case, you can use the handheld laser rangefinder module, whose accuracy is usually within 3mm. Both indoor and outdoor, it is widely used in fields such as room measurement, house inspection, and engineering construction

2、 Long range measurement (200-1200 meters), mainly used outdoors

In this case, it is recommended to choose a laser telescope ranging module. The laser of this rangefinder is invisible light and can calculate the distance by aiming at the target. This is also an ideal tool for outdoor activities such as golf, hunting, and bird watching.

3、 High precision, supporting secondary development, industrial application sensors (generally 0.03-150 meters)

It is recommended to use a laser ranging sensor. The laser ranging sensor can output data through serial ports such as Bluetooth, USB, RS232, RS485, and TTL for convenient collection. In addition, integrating them into the product can greatly save space. This laser ranging module is widely used in industries such as industrial automation, robotics, construction, and healthcare.
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