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160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator
  • 160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator
  • 160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator

160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator

The STA-1064160M medium laser photometer (hereinafter referred to as the laser photometer) is a precision photoelectric product which transmits the laser to a specific target and calculates the distance information according to the laser flight time. 160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator has the characteristics of outstanding performance and simple operation.


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Product Description


LDR1064-160 laser imager is composed of laser emission unit, laser receiving and ranging unit, laser driving source and control and communication unit.


Laser ranging function;
Laser irradiation function;
Has photoelectric isolation signal trigger;
Have external trigger function.

160mJ 1064nm Laser Target Designator TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Working wavelength 1064nm
Laser irradiation energy 85mJ and 160mJ two gears can be switched
Light delay 304µs±1µs
Laser beam dispersion Angle ≤0.2mrad
Irradiation frequency 8 ~ 21Hz
Ranging frequency 10Hz
Laser pulse width 10ns ~15ns
Power stability ≤±8%
Ranging range 0.2m ~ 20km (target size 10 m x10 m x8 m, visibility 30km)
Ranging error no more than 5 meters
Target selection first/second/end
Accurate measurement rate ≥ 98%
Startup time 1min (optional)
Working time (suggested) Ranging mode Laser continuously working for 5min, rest for 4min, 10 consecutive cycles
Irradiation mode Irradiation time 120s, rest 60s, continuous 5 cycles
Full set weight < 3.3kg
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ +55℃
Storage temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Relative humidity Relative humidity
Temperature +25°C±2°C
Storage time 72h
Vibration spectrum shape (grms=6.06) 20Hz to 80Hz +3dB/oct
80Hz to 350Hz G2/0.04 Hz
350Hz to 2000Hz -3dB/oct
Vibration direction and time Vibrate in one direction for at least 10min
Control point Should be selected in the fixture or shaking table surface near the maximum stiffness of the product, large equipment can use multi-point average control
Monitoring point The monitoring point should be selected in the key part of the product under test, so that the root mean square acceleration response does not exceed the maximum allowable design (grms=6.06)
Installation requirements The specimen is rigidly connected to the shaking table, and the product with shock absorber should remove the shock absorber for test
Performance check Power-on test during vibration, all performance indicators should meet the technical requirements specified in the design document.In case of failure, it is allowed to repair.When the acceptance test is carried out after repair, the spectrum value should be reduced to 0.01g2/Hz, grms=3.03, and the specimen should be vibrated in the direction most afraid of vibration for 10min
Power-on test -35±3℃ ~ +52±2℃
Temperature rise 10℃/min
Cooling 10℃/min
Cycle times 10 times, should ensure that the last 2 cycles without fault, if the fault occurs in the last 2 cycles, after repair, need to make up 2 trouble-free cycles
Cycle time One cycle time is 4h, one cycle includes temperature rise → temperature stay → cooling → temperature stay → temperature rise
High and low temperature residence time The residence time depends on the heat capacity of the specimen. Based on the principle of product thermal or cold permeability, the internal temperature of the specimen is maintained for 5min after reaching stability
The requirements of the product under test General temperature cycle test with the whole machine, should be as far as possible to open the cover
Check and repair Power test equipment, in each temperature cycle, after the test to confirm that the equipment is fault, can carry out the next temperature cycle
Drenching requirements Drenching is carried out with the whole equipment
Sports car Sports cars go with the whole device
If the product does not do road transport test, you can use the simulation transport table for indoor transport simulation test, that is, sinusoidal cyclic vibration test for product identification
The requirements of the simulated transport table test are as follows
Test conditions Frequency 5Hz ~ 200Hz
Amplitude 5Hz ~ 7Hz
Amplitude 12mm ~ 8mm
7Hz ~ 200Hz equal acceleration 1.5g
Vibration test condition allowable deviation is the same as broadband random vibration test
Direction vertical axle direction and side
Orientation vertical and lateral to the axle
Cycle time log-scan 5Hz ~ 200Hz ~ 5Hz, 12min per cycle;When the resonant frequency of the specimen is measured below 5Hz, the test frequency can be extended to 2Hz, 2Hz ~ 200Hz ~ 2Hz scanning, scanning time should be 15min.The vibration time in each direction is 90min
After transportation test, check whether there is damage and structural loosening phenomenon, carry out technical index inspection, should meet the design requirements.
Power supply and power consumption Power supply range 20V ~ 33V, DC
Power consumption peak power is not more than 400W, standby power is not more than 60W (limit temperature).
1.5.2 Reliability
Reliability MTBF is not less than 4000h
Security Set up a warning device for the laser to work
The exit of the laser transmitter is provided with obvious warning signs
The equipment is well grounded
Maintainability All major functional parts and equipment are set up fault indication and normal working indication
The average repair time MTTR is not more than 20min
Electromagnetic compatibility requirements In the system boot operation process, the equipment can be compatible with other equipment in the system, normal work



5.1 Communication connector (socket model J30J-15ZKP, butt plug model J30J-15TJ) Pin definition

Pin number Definition Content Type of signal Remarks
1 TX+ RS422 Send positive (local) Output Object host computer
2 TX - RS422 Send negative (local) Output Object host computer
3 RX+ RS422 Receive positive (local) Input Object upper computer
4 RX - RS422 Receive negative (local) Input Object upper computer
5 GND Ground RS422 Signal ground Object upper computer

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special

Manufacturer's debug special
External time system + Input RS422 differential
Outer time Tong - Input RS422 differential

5.2 Power connector (plug type J30J02P020P000S0P120, plug type J30J02P020S000S0L000) Pin definition

Pin Number Definition Remarks
A 24V The wire color is red
B GND The wire color is black

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