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Ring Laser Gyroscope Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
  • Ring Laser Gyroscope Strapdown Inertial Navigation SystemRing Laser Gyroscope Strapdown Inertial Navigation System

Ring Laser Gyroscope Strapdown Inertial Navigation System

JIO-D50A is an inertial navigation system based on ring laser gyroscope and quartz flexible accelerometer. Can be combined with altimeter, GNSS, airspeed meter and other auxiliary equipment, can provide air carrier, ground carrier and other navigation information, such as speed, position and attitude.


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Product Description

D50A series of inertial navigation systems can be widely used in tanks, all kinds of armored vehicles, self-propelled artillery, rockets, all kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, ships, automobiles, high-speed rail, unmanned vehicles, mobile satellite communication systems, drilling and other carrying platforms. Flight control, attitude stabilization, weapon stabilization platform, positioning and positioning, etc.

Technical features

Cost-effective ring laser gyro and quartz accelerometer
Optional static or moving base self-alignment
Error parameters calibration and compensation in full temperature range
Optional diverse input interfaces for GNSS/Odometer/DVL
Configurable navigation modes
Excellent environmental suitability
Military standards

Typical application scenarios

Sea vehicle navigation
Under-water vehicle navigation and positioning
Positioning and north-finding for land vehicle
Stabilization and control for moving carrier
Attitude measurement for demanding applications

Main functions of the system

It has the function of outputting information such as carrier position, heading, attitude angle, angular rate and speed in real time;
It has working modes such as pure inertial navigation and INS/GNSS (including Beidou) integrated navigation;
Possess the function of receiving satellite navigation information provided by external time system frequency standard equipment;
It has the function of ground self-alignment and supports the function of air alignment;
It has functions such as power-on self-test, periodic self-test, status report, installation error compensation, and non-volatile storage.

System composition and dimensions

The whole system is composed of two parts: the inertial navigation main instrument and the inertial navigation main instrument bracket. Among them, the external dimensions of the main instrument are as follows:

Main technical indicators of the system

System accuracy
System Accuracy
Pure Inertial Navigation/Pure Inertial Navigation 0.8 nmile/1h, CEP
Integrated Navigation/Navigation with GNSS ≤5m , 1σ _
Heading angle /Heading 0.05°, RMS
Horizontal attitude (roll and pitch )
Horizontal Attitude (roll & pitch)
0.01°, RMS
Pure Inertial Velocity 1 .5 m/s , RMS
GNSS Integrated navigation Velocity 0. 1 m/s , RMS
Indicators of
inertial devices Gyro and Accelerometer Parameters
laser gyroscope _
Range/Range ± 6 00 deg/s
Bias Stability ≤0.01 deg/h, 1σ
Zero bias repeatability
Bias Repeatability
≤0.01 deg/h, 1σ
Scale Factor non-linearity 10 ppm
Range/Range ± 15g _
Bias Stability ≤10μg , 1σ
Zero bias repeatability
Bias Repeatability
≤10μg , 1σ
Scale Factor non-linearity 15 ppm
align time
Alignment Time
Cold Start ≤ 8 min
Re-Start ≤ 5min _
Air/In-Flight Start ≤10min
Working hours
Operation Time
Continuous working time/Operation Time more than 10h
Interface Features
Supply voltage/Voltage 18~36VDC
Power Consumption ≤ 40W @ 24VDC
Electrical interface/Electrical RS232 × 2
RS422 × 3
CAN × 2
Ethernet × 1
1pps × 1
Data Update Rate (configurable) 200Hz@115.2kbps _ _ _
Use environment
Operating Temperature -40°C~+65°C
Storage temperature/Storage Temperature -55°C~+85°C
Use Altitude/Altitude 20000m
Humidity 95% (+25°C)
Vibration/Vibration 5g @ 20~2000Hz
Shock/Shock 40 g, 11 ms, 1/2 Sine
Physical properties
Dimensions/ Size (L*W*H) 240 x202x 169 mm _
Weight/ Weight 9 kg

Note: The structure can be customized according to the user's requirements.

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