3km Laser Range Finder Module
  • 3km Laser Range Finder Module3km Laser Range Finder Module
  • 3km Laser Range Finder Module3km Laser Range Finder Module
  • 3km Laser Range Finder Module3km Laser Range Finder Module
  • 3km Laser Range Finder Module3km Laser Range Finder Module

3km Laser Range Finder Module

The LRF module has a single measurement mode only one measurement, continuous measurement mode, according to the selected sampling frequency return continuous results.
The measurement range is up to 3200M(Forest)
The sampling frequency is 1Hz
Measuring accuracy (0.3m)
Communication interface: TTL/RS232/485 (BautRate=600-19200)
All instructions are in hexadecimal format

JIOPTICS® Long Range laser ranging module provides reliable range feedback and TTL/RS232/485 serial output. Suitable for custom product integration, especially for UAV pod, thermal imaging, night vision, digital scope and other product. Welcome to buy 3km Laser Range Finder Module from us.


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Product Description

JIOPTICS® 3km Laser Range Finder Module Introduction

M30X is an excellent outdoor remote laser ranging module. It is widely used in highly integrated systems such as UAV pod and thermal imaging. Measuring range up to 3200 meters (forest)
Features:Low power consumption, stable performance, small size and light weight

Product Parameter (Specification)

Model Name
Measuring Distance
Forest : 5~3200m,Small target: 5~1600m
0.1 mm
1 Hz
905 nm
5 mrad/2.5 mrad (customizable)
Communication Interface
Standard: TTL / RS232 / 485
Communication Signal
TTL output
Input Voltage
3 ~ 5 V
Operating Current
80mA ~ 230mA
Laser Safety
Class 1
Power Consumption
<1 mW
Operating Temperature
-20 ~ 50 °C
60.56x 33.1 x 48.68mm
Ranging mode
pulse mode
≤35 g

Product Feature And Application

M30X Long laser ranging module for target measurement performance
Typical targets (80% reflectance) measurement range ≥4.5km
Large white wall≥3.5km
Forest (15% reflectivity) measurement range ≥3.2km
Small target measurement range ≥1.6km

OEM ranging modules and custom solutions

The M30X is designed for system integrators looking for a convenient, powerful and compact laser ranging solution. It provides reliable performance in a wide range of applications.

It is very small, ultra-light, has low power consumption and can be measured over a long distance. It is suitable for handheld devices (thermal imaging), weapon mounting applications, portable systems and lightweight sensor suites and unmanned aerial vehicles or UGVs.

Product Details

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